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Business Owners (and individuals) get paid to Save a Life with our easy Emergency PushButtonAssist Referral Program

 Keep your community safe by staying informed. We share informative videos and tips every week on our Facebook page.

And when you refer someone to us who subscribes to any of our affordable remote monitoring systems, we will send you a $50 Visa Card. Why? We keep the pricing of our units very affordable; you can compare our features and benefits with any other manufacturer/supplier/advertiser out there and you will win with us every time. One way that we can offer great pricing and support is that we don't "advertise" at least like all the others. We get referrals from users and community advocates who care; about seniors, youth, protecting others from home intruders, animal attacks, slips and falls... the list goes on. And when we get your referral we pay you, not some big Madison Avenue advertising firm. 

So please, help us get the word out and keep your community safe. Like and follow our Facebook page and when you see, hear or know someone in need, let us help you to help them. 

*We are partnered with Electronic Caregiver as AlwaysConnectedCare, AMonitorforMom, and PushButtonAssist

Finally, here’s an additional and very lucrative, income stream with hands-off operation for your business!

Your business serves families who deserve to be safe; at home and away, which is why I’m contacting you today.

My name is Terry Scott. I’m the Connected Care Coordinator, right here in the Twin Ports area.* Working with the complete circle of care - physicians, caregivers, families, and their loved ones my role is to keep all safe and living independently with longer lives by increasing awareness and offering the best in affordable and reputable personal emergency response systems (PERS).

In our chaotic world, it is no longer just the elderly who are at risk, but the entire family. Single mothers, kids home alone after school, informal caregivers stressed at work, and anyone out and about in the community.

I want your help. Minimally, like and follow our Facebook page, . Every week we offer informative videos to keep safety both home and away at the top of mind; along with other health and safety tips.

And secondly, I am offering you and your business this additional income stream

where we’ll do all of the work and you get paid.

We have 1,000s of companies just like yours who right now are earning hundreds and more monthly by referring others to us. You’ll be assigned an associate # so when we ask if someone has a “special promotional savings I.D. number” we know to pay you. When someone subscribes to our service, you get paid; $50 - easy-peasy. All you have to do is use your office computer to print a few of our professionally produced flyers and leave a few on the counter. Interested people will pick them up.

I’m not asking you to do something you don’t know about, believe in, and trust. You may not have heard of Electronic Caregiver or or so I encourage you to take a moment and check out our sites. Then call me at the number shown below (my cell #) or use the contact form.

Get started by sending us a jpg of your logo with your company name and phone number. We’ll assign your associate number and create camera-ready art for you to print materials on your office computer. Distribute them and we’ll do the rest.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you’ll join us in saving lives.

Sincerely Terry Scott

MCP with ECG and 

*I also offer these products everywhere in the USA or can refer you to someone. A similar referral program may be available through them. 


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