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You are Losing Customers because they are falling! Learn how to stop this and I'll even pay you to help me.

Hello. If you are here, you have no doubt heard that we have opened the door to partnering with any reputable business that wants to help others stay well.  Click here to watch a quick video about a very good cause that you can help by referring your customers and clients to us (just like physicians, chiropractors, optometrists, and related health professionals do) and we'll do all the work; and you get paid. (You'll learn right away that I'm not a professional actor but hopefully, I get the point across in the video).  Dear Health-Related Business Owner, Because you are in the business of helping people to get well, stay well, I am talking with you today about you partnering with me and Electronic Caregiver (ECG), one of the top providers in the health and safety monitoring industry. My name is Terry Scott. I’m the Connected Care Coordinator here in the Twin Ports*. I work directly with physicians, chiropractors, optometrists; basically, anyone involved in keeping people

Complete the Circle of Care anywhere USA with your Personal Emergency Remote System; Affordable Pricing

Watch this quick video for details  and please contact us with any questions you may have.  Terry Scott MCP with Electronic Caregiver  

In situations like this, Electronic Caregiver’s personal emergency response technology can be a lifesaver.

  Dear ECG Care Partner, Two hikers became stranded after tumbling 150 feet down a hill, the Los Angeles Times recently reported. One of the hikers had lost his footing on an icy trail and began to slide. His friend tried to grab him and ended up coasting down the hill with him. One hiker slammed into a tree during the descent and was badly injured. Both lost their cell phones in the fall. The pair had no way to call for help, but luck was on their side. As one of the hikers was moving to a safer spot, he happened to come across someone else’s phone, which had been lost in the snow a few days ago. It had just enough charge left in it to dial 911. After the hikers were rescued, they learned that several others had fallen in the area that same week. The pair may have suffered far worse outcomes had they not found the cell phone. In situations like this, Electronic Caregiver’s personal emergency response technology can be a lifesaver. Electronic Caregiver’s Premier includes an emergency w

Senior Safety Advocate, and author of Quit Falls will speak at churches and non profits in the Twin Ports.

Here is a letter that I send to churches (and change it for other non-profits) about my availability to speak on the awareness of the dangers of falling and how to avoid them. I would appreciate your sharing this post with everyone you know. Thanks. Terry Scott , (informative videos) and   Dear Church Event Planner, Good day. Your church members, especially seniors, are in danger of injury and death when at home, in the community, and even in church. I want to help you to decrease that risk. No, this isn’t insurance; it’s about becoming aware of existing dangers and using proactive and “preventative measures” to ensure better outcomes and fuller living.   Hello, my name is Terry Scott and I’m the Connected Care Coordinator for the Twin Ports area. I’m also an author and speaker and would love to present at your location, on a no-fee basis, sometime in the near future. My talk highlights parts of my book, Quit Fa