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Find Out Before the Bills Arrive about What Medicare Covers...

Because Medicare is so complex, seniors can end up getting blindsided by huge medical or prescription medication costs when the bills arrive. That’s why it’s important to figure out what Medicare will cover, what counts toward the deductible, what the co-pay will be, and how much will be paid out of pocket. Estimating costs ahead of time means everyone will be better prepared when the bills arrive. We explain how to find out if something will be covered by Medicare, how to estimate costs for complex services, and where to get help understanding Medicare benefits. Read the full article. We reccomend ECG, Electronic Caregiver.  To learn about pricing and availability of Electronic Caregiver products for home or assisted living facilities, please call Terry Scott by using the information in the business card shown above. We serve the entire USA.  For information on Electronic Caregiver please use the information in the business card image above.  Visit online to download your card to use