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Looking for people to call our customer and save lives with Push Button Safe.

 Want to save a life? We're looking for you.  We're looking for people who love to talk and talk on the phone.  We're looking for people who love people and keep them safe.  We're looking for people who want to help people, are we looking for you?  (When you help us do this, you’ll be paid very well). Is $1000 a week too little?  First, allow me to explain that people need to be "Push-Button-Safe". Young for old, we all live in a dangerous world and an unpredictable world where accidents happen every moment. Through ECG, Electronic Caregiver we offer several devices which are "urgent care in your hand". When a child is alone at home, while you are at work, locks himself in a room, or hurts himself, he pushes the button. When a home intruder breaks into a single mom's home, she pushes the button. When an attacker or dog jumps at a person walking in the community, she pushes the button. When your elderly dad or grandfather falls, he pushes the butt

You and your loved ones; young and old, can be "Push Button Safe"!

 Push Button Safe Are you “Push Button Safe”? You can be! We offer safety and security; “in-hand-urgent-care” for our seasoned population because of the #1 prevalent danger of falling. Facts are that one out of four seniors falls each year. But falling isn’t the only concern. Dangers such as home intruders, cuts and burns in the home, driving and losing one’s way, slipping on loose gravel in the park and falling out of sight, animal attacks and so many more can happen at the most unlikely time and place.   Being “Push Button Safe” is becoming more and more popular and practical for people of all ages. “In-hand-urgent-care” is the most effective “anti-aging” device available. It is comfortable, looks like a fitness band and no one knows what it even is. When they ask, you can tell them that it is your “anti-aging” device. Here’s why. Having “wearable protection” is smart in so many cases for so many people at so many ages. Are you a woman who walks alone on a city street from wo