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Medical Transportation Companies, Senior Transport Firms and Taxi Businesses realize Added Revenue with this one Simple Move.

  You are here because you are involved with transportation and have a real concern for the care of your senior passengers! We provide a product and service seniors are looking for and you simply let them know about us and get paid, $50 each time which can be $500 to several thousand dollars each month. Imagine how you could use that money. Many in the transportation industry are enjoying this easy revenue stream simply by giving out their business cards with our information on the reverse side. Others use a postcard sized “Thank You for riding with us” card with their contact information on one side and our information on the other side. Others use flyers and other materials. It’s easy to give someone something after they’ve been your customer. Imagine when you customer pays for the ride, you give them a “Thank you” card (your information on the front explaining your fees, hours, services; and our information on the reverse). Sweeten your thank you by including a mint, a pen or so

Senior Centers partner with Always Connected Care to save lives.

You are here because you are involved with a Senior Center and have a real concern for the care of your seniors! Many senior centers require donations and fundraising to help provide the necessary programs and well, just for things that seem to come up. I'm glad you are here because I want you to know about a very easy way to earn money for your senior center. You just place our ready-made posters on your wall or our ready-made flyers out where people can take them and when they subscribe to our emergency alert system, we'll pay you $50. That's right. You'll get $50 for potentially saving a life and extending the life and life style of one of your seniors whom you care so much about. Hello. My name is Terry Scott and I’m a Master Care Partner with Electronic Caregiver located in Las Cruces NM. They are the leading provider of personal emergency response systems. They are so small that I call them “emergency care in the palm of your hand”. And they are now so easy to