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University of Michigan, National poll - seniors’ risk for falling may have increased due to COVID pandemic ...

Older adults already face a high risk for falls, and now, they may be at an even higher risk. According to a national poll by the University of Michigan, seniors’ risk for falling may have increased due to decreased physical activity during the COVID pandemic, reported an All About Ann Arbor article. The poll also found that the pandemic has led many older adults to become more afraid of falling. Fear of falling combined with reduced physical activity can put seniors at an increased risk of falling in the future. Electronic Caregiver helps ease the fear of falling and keeps seniors independent and active with its Premier pocket smart health device and emergency wrist pendant.   Don't wait. Find out how you can protect your loved ones today at a surprisingly low cost. Contact me and let's talk about it.  Contact us today.

Chiropractors extend care between visits to keep patients happier, healthier and coming back for adjustments...

  Chiropractors extend care between visits to keep patients happier, healthier and coming back for adjustments...  THE WHY •        1 in 3 of your 65-80-year-old patients  will fall this year and next; 1 in 2 aged 80 and above. •        Average length of time before discovery after a fall is 18 hours. •        At the 6-hour mark with a hip fracture 90% lose independence and go to a nursing home with 60% dead in a year. Not good for the practice. You also know who is living with chronic conditions and understand 50% of treatment failures are caused by non-adherence in the home. ProHealth records treatments remind them to do them, alerts the family of threshold alerts, and prevents the patient from having to remember, write down data and readings and makes managing treatments is far easier to deal with. Convenience, physician on-demand for those weekend stomach issues when nobody wants to drive or sit for two hours in a waiting room, the benefits are far and great! Keep your patients  

Chiropractors are using Emergency Response Monitoring to keep patients healthy and returning for adjustments.

 FAQS for Chiropractors using  ECG monitoring systems.  Terry Scott MCP with Electronic Caregiver. For further information, please visit  The ECG systems can help keep your patients safe while struggling with any  chronic pain, fatigue, lack of energy, digestive problems, muscle aches, numbness, and tingling.  Any of these symptoms can increase the risk of a fall in the actively aging potentially sending these clients to the hospital where they are no longer visiting your office for treatment. Our systems can help you avoid losing clients to a fall or other tragedy while helping them maintain their health. Reminders can be set up to help clients adhere to the treatment plan/routine. This is my response to questions that a chiropractor asked, which I sent after our meeting. This may help you in your practice to determine whether this could help you and your clients. For more details on how chiropractors are not only keeping their clients safe and all