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  According to the CDC, 6 out of 10 Adults living in the US have a chronic illness. 4 out of 10 have two or more. Remote patient monitoring can allow those living with chronic illness to experience greater freedom and independence. #heartdisease #Cancer #chroniclungdisease #stroke #diabetes #ChronicKidneyDisease #alzheimersdisease #prohealth   Please note, if at any time you get a message stating that is "unsafe", it is only because it is a "new" site. To visit the same site, you may click here:   HERE IS YOUR FREE ARTICLE:  Living With Chronic Illness While a high percentage of Americans suffer from a chronic disease due to lifestyle factors (think heart disease, hypertension, diabetes) there are many who face a daily struggle with chronic illness that we may be less aware of.  What is the difference between a chronic disease and a chronic illness? The terms may seem the same. However

Our employers are getting hit with $32Billion every year in lost production. Employees who are caregivers ...

Dear business owner, American corporations are losing $32.6 billion per year from full-time workers doubling as caregivers. Hello, I’m Terry Scott with Always Connected Care, right here in the Twin Ports area. Our mission is to make our community safer and healthier and I can use your help, and I’ll pay you for it. It’s just about our mission and purpose; it’s also how we create more security, convenience, better health, longer life, quality of life, and 24/7 protection. I help people to have “urgent care in their hand” and owning an “anti-aging device”. Our employers are getting hit with $32Billion every year in lost production. Employees who are caregivers to children and parents at home have distractions that they bring and try to manage while at work, their life needs impair their production. This is happening across America with over 43 million informal, nonpaid caregivers who are trying to work a job, pay their own bills, taking out a second on their home, running up debt, runni

Police arrive just in time to pull the woman from her car just before it emerges.

Police arrive just in time to pull the woman from her car just before it emerges.  Everyone really is "at-risk". However, everyone can now be "at-possibility". Let me show you how. Click on the image below.   

One slip, one fall, one cut or injury could send you to the hospital; or worse.

One slip, one fall, one cut, or injury and you could be off to the hospital if you're able to reach a phone. However, this may not be the case. If someone gets injured and slips in to shock then simple tasks become impossible tasks. Countless times we've seen people doing basic tasks that can result in a number of issues such as loss of balance or even cutting themselves while preparing meals. While an abundance of caution can help, accidents still happen.   The Premier system is built for these exact scenarios. No issue is too small or too big that an emergency response plan won't be a benefit. Plus, don’t forget we offer a referral fee for helping to save a life.   Let’s talk about it! AlwaysConnectedCare(.)com   (If your browser states that this site is "unsafe" it's only because the site is relatively new and doesn't have "history" on the internet yet. I assure you that it is indeed safe. You may also click here to get to the site:  h

"Electronic Caregiver does one thing better than anybody else", "It saves lives".

Please contact, Terry Scott - Master Care Partner with Electronic Caregiver for answers to your questions.  Electronic Caregiver (ECG) provides quality home health protection and emergency coverage for the ill, aging, and disabled. Having the Electronic Caregiver also offers the safety for users to be anywhere and stay protected. With the support of the ECG's modern technology, family caregivers and their loved ones can be comforted to live better lives. Click on the image below to enlarge the detail.