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Audio Healthcare Professionals across the Country Partner with Always Connected Care

 Offer your clients something valuable; something they need which will enhance their lives, keeping them healthy and coming back to you for your services.  You are here:   Click to watch short video Dear audio healthcare professional, I’m contacting you because I would like to promote your practice , and offer you a turnkey additional income stream which costs you nothing and we do most of the work. My name is Terry Scott and as the Connected Care Coordinator for the Twin Ports area I’m the advocate for the safety of our community citizens; but mostly the senior population in the prevention of falls. Partnering with me in this cause will not only improve and save lives; it is also a way that other health professionals have added additional revenue streams to their practice without changing anything in their business.   I am an authorized Master Care Partner (MCP) with Electronic Caregiver®, one of the fastest-growing health and safety monitoring c