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Free Turkey Day Coloring Sheets for Kids, courtesy of Terry Scott MCP with ECG.

 I'm pleased to create and offer this fun coloring sheet for your children. No strings attached, not purchase necessary and you don't need to give me your email for this. Simply click on the image to download your coloring sheets. Enjoy.  Or click here. 

November Promo Code for ECG products with Always Connected Care

  Bring in the November month with promo code "Thanks"    This promo code offer 15% off the monthly monitoring fee for all Premier series,  ProHealth and 4200X packages. It's also going to include a free inner ear thermometer!  This time of year makes it a great opportunity to share the gift of connected care.  With many people traveling and the weather changing, there is absolutely individuals  out there that need ECG!!  Connect with your Account Representative today (use the contact form on this page or  call the number in the image below) and talk about how you are going to protect your  loved ones and community this month!   We love supporting you all!!! Terry Scott  MCP Electronic Caregiver Read article Would you like to refer others to us and be rewarded for your efforts? 

The Average Senior lives at least 8 hours away from the nearest relative...

The average senior lives at least 8 hours away from the nearest relative. This puts them in a situation that they cannot get consistent checkups from people who care about their well-being. While neighbors and caregivers can be kind and provide some support, it does not mean that they will be around at all times such as in the middle of the night or early mornings when most falls occur. SOCIAL ISOLATION MAY INCREASE THE RISK OF FALLS...  WATCH... This short video provides the sobering facts.  Loneliness and social isolation can lead to more falls, but it doesn't mean they won't have a plan just in case. Using Electronic Caregiver's auto-fall detection, daily wellness checks, and GPS tracking we can better protect and secure those who are most vulnerable. By connecting with the care team we provide peace of mind that loved ones have a watchful eye ready to jump into action at a moment's notice.  Talk about  how you can make the isolated less alone today with Electronic

Partner with Always Connected Care to safe lives and earn $50 each time.

ECG referall fees come at a time when extra cash is sorely needed my many...  Imagine partnering with Always Connected Care to keep people safe (seniors and young alike), very possibly safe lives and earning a substantial side income by referring people to us!  We do this every day.  People are referred to us by physicians, chiropractors, dentists and anyone in the health related field. Referrals also come from related industries such as taxi companies and mobile transportation companies and even ambulance services. We've now opened this opportunity to anyone who distributes of our free referral materials.   When someone responds to your specific (labeled with your contact info) marketing piece (post card, flyer, advertisement) and orders any of our equipment and services, you'll receive $50.  Many people earn up to $1000 and more monthly over time in posting our free materials.  Refer someone to us and when they subscribe to getting equipment from us, you'll be rewarded $5

"Secret" Site offers up to 80% savings on Prescriptions locally...

  Business owners, you can help your employees save. Visit the site and print one card. Reprint it (the same card works for everyone) on your office computer and distribute with paycheck weekly. Or send them to the site on their own.  Individuals, are you tired of paying so much for prescriptions? We have testimonials of people who did not have enough money for a prescription and someone in line offered them their card. After they used it, they saved so much money that they were in tears.  Everyone can use this card.  And now with the med search engine, you know how much you will save before you go to the pharmacy!  If you have questions please use the contact form on this page. Vist the site now to search for your medication  and see how much you can save!