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Avoid poor medication adherence...

  Dear Concerned Caregiver, More than   half of U.S. adults have one or more chronic conditions that require taking medications. However, systemic, socioeconomic, and individual factors can lead to poor medication adherence. Not only is medication nonadherence “estimated to cause 125,000 avoidable deaths in the U.S. each year,” but it also comes at a high cost in medical bills, according to HomeCare Magazine. The annual cost in the U.S. for hospitalizations due to nonadherence is $100 billion to $300 billion. Non-adherence also “contributes to the 60% to 65% of individuals with medical debt who file for bankruptcy each year,” according to the article.  Electronic Caregiver offers an affordable way to help the aging and chronically ill stick to their prescribed health care regimen. Along with medication reminders, the Pro Health offers 24/7 emergency response and physician-on-demand services. Patients can also track important vitals, such as pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and blood gl

Push Button Safe offers the latest in Fall Alerts by one of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in the USA.

Individuals can keep their freedom with the assistance of our personal security items. We offer fall alert systems with GPS abilities that can assist medical personal, as well as the relatives and companions you pick, to quickly find you during a crisis. Monitoring services aren't just for seniors, although that currently makes up the largest percentage of current users. More and more, many of us in different life stages, and environments find true peace of mind when going out for a run, as a youth home after school or your child on campus, leaving work at night; or any activity at home or in the community. Dangereous attacks or accidents can occur quickly seemingly out of nowhere, so it is vital to be ready for any circumstance. Why not lower the risk by being protected 24/7?  I believe so much in the product that I did what was required to become a Master Care Partner with ECG and almost immediately, (since I trust the company, their integrity and products so much) I bought a sys

Always and Connected Care will be present at the Senior Go Show October 2023

  Always Connected Care to be present  at the Duluth Go Show - Click on the image to go to Lundeen Productions to get more details.  We will have specific and special information packages (and goodies) for Seniors, Health Care Professionals and owners of Health Care Facilities.  We will offer our Senior Protection Products and Services:  Please use our contact form on this page to request information on HOME BUT SAFE In Home and On the Go Monitoring  ALL DAYS LEGAL Affordable Legal Programs for Everyone's Everyday Issues  INVEST INTENTIONAL  Real Protection and Growth for Funding Today and Tomorrow