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Business Owners (and individuals) get paid to Save a Life with our easy Emergency PushButtonAssist Referral Program

 Keep your community safe by staying informed. We share informative videos and tips every week on our Facebook page. And when you refer someone to us who subscribes to any of our affordable remote monitoring systems, we will send you a $50 Visa Card. Why? We keep the pricing of our units very affordable; you can compare our features and benefits with any other manufacturer/supplier/advertiser out there and you will win with us every time. One way that we can offer great pricing and support is that we don't "advertise" at least like all the others. We get referrals from users and community advocates who care; about seniors, youth, protecting others from home intruders, animal attacks, slips and falls... the list goes on. And when we get your referral we pay you, not some big Madison Avenue advertising firm.  So please, help us get the word out and keep your community safe. Like and follow our Facebook page and when you see, h

A Monitor for Mom Facebook Group offers a likeminded support community for stressed caregivers...

If you have a mom, you are at the right place!  This is your INVITE to A Monitor for Mom Private facebook group! My name is Terry Lee Scott and A Monitor for Mom is my company which is based in the Twin Ports area (Duluth MN/Superior WI) and we offer the ECG products exclusively from any other medical monitoring device or service available, simply because we know it’s the best. I’ve personally been involved in the industry for about ten years doing the installs and troubleshooting for systems and that is why I’m here and exclusively selling for ECG. I’ve created the Monitor for Mom Facebook group to “give more” to our subscribers of the monthly monitoring systems, the professional and family caregivers, and to all who have a genuine concern for the welfare of their local communities. I am a trained and authorized Master Care Partner with ECG for my area however if you are located anywhere in the USA I can help you. However, all involved with ECG have high integrity as a team and